Jalen Rose Calls Out Lakers Haters After Team’s Acquisition of Anthony Davis

Omar Guerrero
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The Los Angeles Lakers are viewed by many as the epitome of NBA excellence despite the team’s struggles on the court the past few years.

After striking out on a few big-name players, the franchise has righted itself with the acquisitions of LeBron James and Anthony Davis in the span of just 11 months.

But there are still those who believe that the Lakers worthy of ridicule.

During an episode of ESPN’s “Get Up,” Jalen Rose spoke about how failing to land a top-tier free agent impacts the perception of teams like the Los Angeles Clippers, New York Knicks, and Boston Celtics.

As a prime example, he talked about how the Lakers are still being reviled by some despite landing two of the most sought-after superstars in the league.


“The last two summers the Lakers acquired LeBron James and Anthony Davis and there are still people trying to pick apart their situation and trying to say that they failed at something,” Rose said.

Success breeds contempt and there are those who will always be critical of anything that the Lakers do on and off the court. Rose understands this.

In the end, the Lakers’ front office is clearly doing what it can to build a championship contender, despite some bumps along the way.

Hopefully James and Davis prove enough to reach that goal.

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Omar is a former writer for King James Gospel. The very first team he rooted for was the Showtime Lakers and his favorite player back then was James Worthy. Seeing the Purple and Gold win back-to-back championships in the '80s made him a basketball junkie for life. He has witnessed and celebrated every Lakers championship since then and is now looking forward to a new era of basketball in Tinseltown led by LeBron James.