Gilbert Arenas unveils what he told LeBron James about scary similarities between him and Bronny

Jonathan Sherman
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LeBron James’ son, Bronny, is entering a pivotal period in his basketball career.

The younger James is 16 years old and is already drawing notice thanks to his similarities to his superstar father. In fact, when the elder James asked former NBA superstar Gilbert Arenas to assess the younger James’ ability, Arenas offered an incredible evaluation.

“I text him back and I said, ‘Don’t even worry. He’s you,'” Arenas recounted. “I said, ‘From what I can tell right now, he probably has a better shot than you did, dribbles better than you. You guys probably have the same passing ability. You were probably faster, taller. He probably jumped higher.’ And he said, ‘Yo, dead on.'”

Arenas then went on to say that the one major difference was that while the elder James needed basketball to put his family in a better situation, the younger James obviously does not.

“What he’s gonna need is, he’s gonna need just the internal love [of the game],” Arenas said of the younger James.

The elder James has enjoyed one of the most prolific NBA careers in the history of the league. The fact that his son seems to have a similar level of talent is simply incredible.

Only time will tell what kind of NBA legacy the younger James is able to carve out for himself in the coming years.

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