Gilbert Arenas proposes ‘fair trade’ that would land Lakers both Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant

Jonathan Sherman
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As all NBA fans know, the Brooklyn Nets are undergoing a bit of a crisis at the moment. Both Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving seem to be done with the franchise, and Durant has gone so far as to officially request a trade from the team.

Though the Nets have been looking for trade partners for both players, no deal seems to be imminent.

One team that seems fully interested in acquiring Irving is the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers have yet to offer a deal that the Nets deem suitable, however.

Recently, former NBA star Gilbert Arenas offered a solution that would send shock waves through the NBA. He said that the Lakers should send Russell Westbrook and Anthony Davis in exchange for Durant and Irving.

Of course, that would mean a new NBA superstar trio of Durant, Irving and LeBron James.

“Right now, the Lakers are the only team that’s suited to make a deal work because it’s less paperwork,” Arenas said. “I can straight up trade Kyrie for Russ, Kevin Durant for Anthony Davis. It’s a fair trade on both sides.”

Typically, a blockbuster trade includes just one or two stars moving from one team to another. If this trade were to go down, it would include four bonafide superstars. Sports pundits would have a field day.

Beyond that, it’s hard to argue that Lakers fans would not be thrilled with the move. It would be hard saying farewell to Davis, but getting back Durant as a prize may be worth it.

With all that in mind, this type of deal actually getting done seems quite far-fetched.

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