Report: Frank Vogel Worried About Lakers Losing Chemistry Due to Lull in Season

Brad Sullivan
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Los Angeles Lakers head coach Frank Vogel is concerned that re-establishing his team’s solid chemistry could be a challenge when the 2019-20 season resumes.

When play was suspended by the NBA on March 11 because of the coronavirus pandemic, there was no indication of when teams would be able to return to the court.

With the fourth week of the hiatus underway, it’s likely that if games are played again this season, they’ll be postseason contests.

The 49-14 Lakers defeated both the Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Clippers in the week prior the league-mandated suspension of play.

Both the Bucks and Clippers could very well be teams that the Lakers face in the postseason. The Clippers are currently the second seed in the Western Conference at 44-20 on the year, while the Bucks have the best overall record in the NBA at 53-12.

In his first season at the helm of the Lakers, Vogel had to deal with injuries in the early portion of the season. Despite the handicap, the Lakers managed to win 24 of their first 27 games.

The frustrating aspect for Vogel and his players is that the team was poised to make their first postseason appearance in seven years.

Right now, there’s no guarantee that the Lakers will even have the opportunity to assess whether or not that chemistry still exists.

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