Fox Sports Analyst Destroys Paul Pierce for Leaving LeBron James Out of His Top 5 List

Jonathan Sherman
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Former Boston Celtics star Paul Pierce has been a hater of Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James for nearly two decades.

Now, people are finally calling him out on it.

Fox Sports analyst Nick Wright took to Twitter on Wednesday to call out Pierce for recently leaving James out of his list of top five NBA players of all time.

While it is totally understandable for some to not consider James to be the greatest player of all time, leaving him out of a top-five list seems pretty fishy.

By any metric, James is one of the most statistically dominant and efficient NBA players ever. Beyond that, he has won four MVP awards and three NBA titles. He’s showing no signs of slowing down either.

Prior to the NBA season shutting down due to the novel coronavirus, James seemed to be making a serious case to be named MVP once again.

On top of that, the Lakers were revealing themselves to be one of the clear title favorites.

If James and the Lakers manage to win a title this season once the NBA starts back up, Pierce’s assertion that James does not belong on the top-five list will look even more laughable.

In the end, all Pierce has to back up his claim is his words. James, on the other hand, will almost certainly let his play do the talking.

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