Former Raptors player leaks 2018 playoff scouting report on LeBron James, John Wall and Bradley Beal

Brad Sullivan
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A former Toronto Raptors player offered glimpses of the Raptors’ 2018 scouting reports on three players, including Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James.

Lucas Nogueira displayed videos of the Raptors’ insight on James, then in his last season with the Cleveland Cavaliers. In addition, reports on the then-Washington Wizards backcourt of John Wall and Bradley Beal were also presented.

LeBron James

Bradley Beal

John Wall

The Raptors’ report on James described him as “excellent” when it came to such areas as screening on offense and shooting on the drive. He was also given “elite” status when it came to finishing near the rim.

However, scouts for the Raptors weren’t shy about downgrading James in certain areas. For example, he was assessed as being “below average” as a defensive screener in pick-and-roll situations and defending the ball-handler.

The Raptors also offered similar positives and negatives on Wall, who was later traded away, and Beal, who remains with the Wizards. Wall has seen little action in recent years and is trying to get his career back on track with the Los Angeles Clippers, while Beal is trying to get his career back on track.

In the end, the reports were successful enough for the Raptors, who won a six-game, first-round playoff series against the Wizards.

Against James and the Cavaliers, the strategy fell flat as the Cavaliers ended up sweeping the Raptors in four games in the following round.

Nogueira was a center during his four seasons with the Raptors, with the 2017-18 campaign being his final year in the league. He was originally taken by the Boston Celtics with the 16th overall pick of the 2013 NBA Draft.

Exactly why Nogueira chose to post the videos is unknown, though he did turn 30 years old on Tuesday. Conjecture might suggest that he made the post on a milestone birthday to recall his one-time status as an NBA player.

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