Former Lakers champion directs Anthony Davis to ‘get rid’ of trainer and do what ‘iron man’ LeBron James does in offseason

Orel Dizon
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With the Los Angeles Lakers having around four months of offseason this year, their players have more time to rest and prepare for the next season.

Former Lakers champion Robert Horry recently appeared on “The Ryen Russillo Podcast” and had a suggestion for star Anthony Davis on what he should do in the coming months.

“Get rid of his trainer,” Horry answered when asked about what Davis needs to do differently. “I don’t know if he had the same trainer from the moment he came into the NBA, and if he has, he needs to get rid of him. Because his trainer is not preparing him for 82 games. I know last year was 72, and they had a shortened offseason, but I’m just talking about overall. Because he’s had a history of injuries. So if you’ve had a history of injuries, you need to change your workout. You need to do something.

“You need to say, ‘Hey, LeBron [James], we’re both in L.A. What you do, I’m going to do.’ Because think about it. LeBron has been pretty much an iron man until you get a freak accident when someone rolls up on your ankle. Because I tell people all the time, the NBA season starts in the offseason, how you prepare your body, and how you get your body ready for the 82-game grind.”

Last year, the Lakers had less than three months to prepare for the 2020-21 NBA season following their championship run in the previous season. It may have taken a toll on Davis’ body as the 28-year-old big man missed a significant number of games this regular season.

This time around, the team’s offseason will last for around four months. Hopefully it will give Davis and the other Lakers players enough time to get ready to make another title run next season.

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