Ex-Lakers big man goes off on Patrick Beverley for putting him on list of ‘whitest-blackest’ guys

Mike Battaglino
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Mo Bamba and Patrick Beverley are connected thanks to their being in the same trade last February, but the former Los Angeles Lakers big man is now weighing in on some racially focused comments made recently by Beverley on his podcast.

Bamba is playing this season for the Philadelphia 76ers after appearing in nine games for the Lakers during the 2022-23 campaign. Beverley is with the Milwaukee Bucks after being traded there by the 76ers this February. He played 45 games with the Lakers in the 2022-23 season.

Back in February 2023, Bamba and Beverley were part of a four-team trade with Bamba winding up with the Orlando Magic and Beverley eventually finishing the season with the Chicago Bulls after being waived by Orlando.

Beverley is no stranger to creating some controversy with his podcast. He recently said he would take Domantas Sabonis of the Sacramento Kings over Lakers superstar Anthony Davis for a single game.

Former Portland Trail Blazers player Evan Turner also recently said the Beverley has to fight Damian Lillard now that they are Bucks teammates, based on the trash-talk the two have engaged in in the past.

For some reason, Beverley on his podcast thought it would be a good idea to put forth his list of the whitest Black guys in the NBA. Bamba was on the list along with Jarrett Allen of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Myles Turner of the Indiana Pacers, Grant Williams of the Charlotte Hornets and C.J. McCollum of the New Orleans Pelicans.

Beverley did add a “Love you Mo” comment toward Bamba while delivering the list and said it was based on the “swag” of each of the players named, not their basketball games.

Bamba in his social media response referenced his upbringing in Harlem in New York City. He later attended school in New Hampshire and Pennsylvania and went on to play collegiately for the University of Texas.

He has played 322 NBA regular season games during his career, including 266 for the Magic, who selected him with the No. 6 overall pick in the 2018 NBA Draft. He is averaging 4.1 points and 3.9 rebounds per game this season.

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