ESPN Reporters Unanimously Predict LeBron James to ‘Dominate’ NBA Bubble

Jonathan Sherman
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The basketball world is watching the seconds tick down towards the resumption of the 2019-20 NBA season.

One person who is likely amongst the most excited for the season to start back up is Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James. James is on a mission to win the fourth title of his career.

In a poll that was conducted amongst ESPN reporters, every reporter that was asked expressed his or her belief that James will dominate inside the NBA bubble in Orlando Fla.

Reporters had three choices to pick from when it came to James’ upcoming impact in the bubble. The first option was that James, 35, would show his age in the bubble. The second was that he would dominate. The third was that he would do a little bit of both.

The answers from the reporters came in loud and clear.

“Dominate,” legendary reporter Jackie MacMullan answered. “He knows better than anyone how to maintain his body, mental tenacity and singular focus. I think he is among those who have benefited most from the layoff. It plays to all his strengths.”

Reporter Jorge Sedano echoed the same sentiment.

“Dominate,” he answered. “James is still the best player in the league and can impact the game in more ways than those chasing him for that status. He has defended at a higher level than in previous years and leads the league in assists. Plus, you give that guy four months to rest and prepare his body? Revenge season, indeed.”

Without a doubt, the Lakers are one of the clear favorites to win the title this season. James is the biggest reason why.

While superstar big man Anthony Davis will surely help James carry the load, it’s James’ championship pedigree and dedication to achieving greatness that will serve as a shining beacon for the entire squad.

If ESPN’s reporters prove to be correct in their predictions, there will likely be little the rest of the NBA can do to keep James from achieving his goal.

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