Enes Freedom takes brutal shot at LeBron James after Lakers star breaks all-time scoring record

Zach Stevens
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After closing in on Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s all-time NBA career scoring record for months, LeBron James finally broke it on Tuesday night against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

While the vast majority of fans and fellow NBA players seemed happy for him, former NBA big man Enes Freedom used the occasion to take a shot at James on social media.

The timing of this tweet was very poor, as was Freedom’s lack of class.

James has been criticized by some for not speaking up about Nike’s alleged use of slave labor to make its sneakers. However, when it comes to his morals, values, principles and empathy, there is no doubt he has tried to do lots of good onto others.

He opened up his I Promise School in his native Akron, Ohio a few years ago in order to provide educational opportunities for disadvantaged kids and give them solid foundations for their growth and development. James also started the More Than A Vote initiative just prior to the 2020 presidential election in an effort to increase voter turnout and overcome voter suppression.

Of course, he has been very vocal when it has come to social and racial issues, particularly those that have had to do with the unfair treatment that Black individuals have received from law enforcement, including violence and death.

Now that James has broken Abdul-Jabbar’s record, everyone is wondering how far he will set the bar as far as career points. It appears he could reach the 40,000-point mark sometime next season, which would truly be a remarkable accomplishment.

However, the fact that the Los Angeles Lakers haven’t been winning many games has put somewhat of a damper on James’ exploits. He has been having yet another incredible season, at least statistically, but L.A. came into Tuesday’s contest with a 25-29 record, which put it in 13th place in the Western Conference.

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