Dwight Howard says he belongs in the Hall of Fame

Jonathan Sherman
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Over the past several seasons, big man Dwight Howard has spent a fair amount of time with the Los Angeles Lakers.

He played with the Lakers during the 2019-20 season, left to join the Philadelphia 76ers in the following year and then returned to the Lakers for the most recent campaign.

He won a title with the team in 2020 and served as an important player off the bench. Earlier in his career, however, he was a consistent starter and one of the biggest stars in the NBA.

It’s easy to forget, but Howard once made it to eight straight All-Star Games. He also helped lead the Orlando Magic to an NBA Finals appearance in 2009.

For all those accomplishments and more, Howard believes he should be inducted into the Hall of Fame when his time comes.

He said as much during a recent radio appearance.

Given his resume, it would be something of a shock if Howard were not ultimately inducted into the Hall of Fame. Along with his previously mentioned accolades, he’s also been named an All-NBA player eight times and Defensive Player of the Year three times.

Clearly, he was a force to be reckoned with during the prime of his career. Sadly, that prime was cut somewhat short due to a number of injuries.

However, the fact that Howard learned how to transition from being a star player to a supporting player makes his journey all the more impressive.

Many players fail to make that transition successfully when their physical abilities start to wane.

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