Dwight Howard reveals LeBron James told him he can take single 3-point shot if he records 2 blocks in games

Brad Sullivan
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Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard recently indicated that LeBron James will allow him to take a 3-point shot in games this season. However, Howard has to record two blocks before he gets the green light.

Howard comments were captured on video, with the veteran speaking about how the apparent deal will serve as a motivating tool this season.

“LeBron said if I get two blocks, I can get a 3-pointer,” Howard said. “I’m finna try to get nine blocks every day.”

Of course, any decisions on Howard taking 3-point shots will ultimately be decided by Lakers head coach Frank Vogel and his coaching staff.

However, it indicates just how much influence that James has with his teammates and how he’s attempting to motivate the 35-year-old Howard.

The idea of Howard taking 3-point shots is something that’s never really come up because of his career shooting percentage of 15.9 percent from beyond the arc.

Yet, if Howard’s shot-blocking prowess turns out to be a key factor in helping the Lakers capture another NBA title, the team will likely be more than happy to let Howard launch the occasional bomb.

Howard is getting ready for his third stint with the Lakers. Howard will look to win his second title with the franchise this season.

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