Dillon Danis clowns Logan Paul for saying LeBron James asked Nina Agdal for photo as Lakers star gets pulled into feud

Mike Battaglino
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LeBron James has avoided off-court controversy for much of his NBA career, so the Los Angeles Lakers superstar might be a little surprised to learn he has been waltzed into the feud between fighters Dillon Danis and Logan Paul because of a simple photo request.

Danis posted a video to social media of Paul saying James asked to take a photo with his new fiancée Nina Agdal, who is a former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. Danis previously posted a photo of James with Agdal, who appeared on the cover of the magazine’s 50th anniversary swimsuit edition.

He is just the latest NBA personality to find himself in the middle of the beef between boxer Paul and mixed martial arts fighter Danis, who are scheduled to meet in a bout in October in England.

Miami Heat owner Mickey Arison also received the same treatment from Danis last week after having his picture taken with Agdal, who also has appeared in online photos with Arison’s wife and may be a fan of the team.

It is unknown where or when James took his picture with Agdal, who has co-hosted the MTV show “Ridiculousness,” which films in Southern California. She and Paul got engaged in July, and his Instagram post of the proposal has more than 3 million likes.

Danis has posted a series of photos of Agdal’s ex-boyfriends, including Leonardo DiCaprio, and seems to be using Photoshop in other attempts to troll his rival. Paul allegedly sent a cease and desist letter to Danis.

James also recently became part of another mini controversy when he did not attend the Basketball Hall of Fame induction of former Heat teammate Dwyane Wade. ESPN pundit Stephen A. Smith was mildly critical of the absence but acknowledged that it could’ve had something to do with James focusing on taking care of his son Bronny, who suffered a cardiac arrest last month.

The NBA icon certainly has been asked for and agreed to take photos with many fans throughout his career. It is unfortunate that a similar request the elder James apparently made has landed him in the middle of this uncomfortable situation.

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