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Report: Clippers Trying to Keep Darren Collison From Signing With Lakers

Darren Collison Indiana Pacers Brian Spurlock / USA TODAY Sports

On Wednesday, it became known that Darren Collison is looking to return to the NBA after a brief retirement.

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported that Collison is considering signing with either the Los Angeles Lakers or Los Angeles Clippers.

On Friday’s episode of ESPN’s “NBA Countdown,” Wojnarowski suggested that the Clippers may have a motive behind obtaining Collison other than simply improving their roster.

“I’m told that Collison is eyeing a potential comeback in February,” said Wojnarowski. “Now, this is a player who, this summer, stunned the league when he retired, really on the eve of free agency. He was looking at a $10 million a season payday. Whether it’s the Clippers or the Lakers, this will now be a minimum player.

“The Lakers, who really have been looking for a secondary ball-handler, certainly another player who shoots the three at a high-percentage rate, he fits that, and a Clipper team that, he can help them, but part of the thinking in making sure you get Darren Collison if you’re the Clippers: Keep him away from the Lakers.”

It’s questionable whether signing Collison solely to keep him away from the Purple and Gold is realistic for the Clippers. Collison has been a starter for almost his entire career, and will likely want significant playing time, if not a starting job.

The Clippers are stacked at the guard spots, with Patrick Beverley, Lou Williams, Landry Shamet and Rodney McGruder taking up just about all minutes at the 1 and 2.

Absent a trade involving one (or more) of those players, it’s hard to imagine Collison getting the playing time he deserves with the Clippers.

The Lakers, on the other hand, have an underperforming Avery Bradley and an aging Rajon Rondo playing the lead guard spots.

Collison would be a significant upgrade over Bradley, who’s averaging just 8.1 points a game and making only 23.2 percent of his three-point attempts.