Carmelo Anthony Says Kobe Bryant and LeBron James Are ‘Smartest Basketball Minds’ He’s Ever Faced

Orel Dizon
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Having been in the NBA since 2003, Carmelo Anthony has played with and against some of the best players in history.

In a recent episode of his weekly livestream on YouTube, Anthony was asked by viewers who he thought were the smartest basketball players. His response included two Los Angeles Lakers legends.

“I would have to say either Kobe [Bryant],” said Anthony. “It’s not either. … It’s Kobe and LeBron [James] as far as being the smartest basketball minds, intellectuals, know everything about the game. Know everything about each player, the ins and outs. Those two guys are at the top when it comes to the mental part of this game. Chris Paul is definitely one of those guys. I would have to say those three.”

The former scoring champion and 10-time NBA All-Star’s answers are not surprising at all, as both Bryant and James are renowned for their basketball IQs.

The late Bryant showcased his basketball smarts on “Detail,” a sports analysis program he wrote, produced and hosted two years after he retired in 2016.

In each episode of the show, Bryant analyzes and shares his insight on games, both past and present, and individual player performances across various leagues, including the NBA, WNBA and college hoops.

On the other hand, James’ basketball IQ has already been well-documented. He is able to read opposing teams’ plays and even knows opponents’ shooting percentages from specific areas on the court.

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