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Bronny James shoots his shot at Instagram model

Bronny James

Not that long ago, Bronny James, the son of Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James, was seen on social media smoking what seemed to be marijuana, leading to speculation that his father would punish him.

To the contrary, the younger James is still around, and to show proof, he took his shot at a special somebody via Instagram.

The younger James completed his freshman year of high school just a few months ago. He attends Sierra Canyon School, a private institution in the San Fernando Valley.

The younger James has long been discussed as a legitimate NBA prospect. He received offers at the tender age of 11 from the University of Kentucky and Duke University.

The elder James, who is nearing the age of 36, has said that he wants to keep playing in the NBA long enough to take the same court as his son.

With his impressive guard skills, the younger James is certainly a prime prospect to watch in the coming years.