Bronny James shares which NBA rookie he’s ‘tuned’ into as new season unravels

Brad Sullivan
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Bronny James, the son of Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James, indicated on social media that he plans to focus his attention this year on the first season of Charlotte Hornets rookie LaMelo Ball.

Ball was the third overall selection by the Hornets in last month’s NBA draft and has been closely watched over the past few years, largely because of his immense potential.

One reason why the younger James’ focus is pointed in the direction of Ball is likely because he has has also been watched intently for years due to his abilities on the court.

The younger James only turned 16 in October and isn’t scheduled to graduate from high school until 2023, which means that the intense focus that’s already been on him will continue to grow.

By following Ball’s first NBA season, coupled with the seasoned advice of his father, the younger James will better be able to navigate the attention that he’ll keep drawing in the years ahead.

The elder James will try to balance any advice he gives his eldest son with a continued focus on the fortunes of the Lakers as they seek to repeat as NBA champions.

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