Brian Windhorst says his relationship with LeBron James isn’t what it used to be

Jonathan Sherman
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For years, Brian Windhorst has seemed to have an inside track to those closest to Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James or James himself.

However, Windhorst recently said that his relationship with James these days isn’t the same as it once was. He admitted that both parties have “kind of moved on.”

“In years past, I had messaged with him, but we both kind of moved on,” Windhorst said. “LeBron doesn’t have personal relationships like that with reporters. He hasn’t for a long time.”

While Windhorst may have framed it as though both individuals opted to move on from the past relationship that they once had, it’s likely that it was James who moved on more than Windhorst. After all, Windhorst owes a lot of his fame to the fact that he’s seemingly been inside the four-time champ’s thinking process many times before.

Now, Windhorst is just another reporter spending countless hours on television and radio speculating about what the face of the NBA might do next. While Windhorst may still have connections with people close to James, it’s likely that he no longer has the same level of ease to get to James as he once did.

Windhorst was a beat writer in Cleveland during James’ first stint with the Cleveland Cavaliers and moved to ESPN after James joined the Miami Heat.

These days, Windhorst is not just a James insider, but also an NBA insider.

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