Brandon Ingram Recounts Insane LeBron James Pickup Basketball Story: ‘It Was Crazy’

Jonathan Sherman
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Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James has captured the imagination of basketball fans for much of the last two decades.

His combination of size, speed and skill has made him one of the most dangerous players to ever do it. Given his greatness, it is not common for stories about James to truly surprise fans anymore.

However, a recent story told by former Lakers teammate Brandon Ingram can certainly be described as surprising.

In a recent collection of stories about James, Joe Vardon and Jason Lloyd of The Athletic sought to shed some light on unknown aspects of who James is as a man both on and off the court.

Ingram’s story was without a doubt one of the most enlightening when it comes to James’ basketball talent.

“It was maybe our first workout, we were playing pickup our first training camp practice,” Ingram said. “I think we were going to 20. If I recall, I think he scored all 20 points. Pulling up from halfcourt, shooting fadeaways behind the glass, attacking the basket, backing up all our bigs. Floaters in the lane, everything. It was crazy.

“It was our whole team. I forget who was on his team. I’m not sure if I was on his team. But I remember him scoring all 20 points. And it was like, every shot he took we knew it was going in. From halfcourt. The ball was going out of bounds from the opposite way he shoots. He turned, fades away, the opposite way, knocks it down, and runs down the court like he practiced that shot. That was like his 15th point probably. So I’m sure, after that, his confidence is, not that he needed confidence, but it was sky high at this point and he took advantage of every single opportunity.”

James has never been one to struggle with a lack of confidence. The three-time champ is one of the most decorated NBA players of all time, and that fact follows him wherever he goes.

James is looking to add to his career accolades this season in L.A. Leading one of the league’s best teams, he is hoping to win the fourth NBA championship of his career by season’s end.

Chances are good that James will have to hit quite a few big shots to achieve that goal.

Luckily, Ingram’s story can inspire hope amongst Lakers fans that when James’ number is called upon to hit a game-winning shot sometime in the future, no angle, amount of pressure or degree of difficulty will prove too great for the four-time MVP.

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