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Anthony Davis Announces Results of His Coronavirus Test

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The Los Angeles Lakers are staying as safe as possible amidst the spread of the novel coronarivus.

Within the United States, the city of Los Angeles appears to be one of the epicenters when it comes to the spread of the illness.

Luckily, star big man Anthony Davis is not part of the growing number of individuals carrying the disease.

“I knew right away we would probably get tested,” Davis told Tania Ganguli of the Los Angeles Times by phone on Friday. “It’s kind of tricky because some guys, you feel fine and you could have it, asymptomatic. And some guys you have all the symptoms. I felt fine and I felt great. I still do. [At the time] I was like that doesn’t mean I don’t have it. We all showed up and took the test. It was fine.”

One interesting thing of note is that while Davis has not caught the virus, two of his teammates have. Last week, it was reported that two members of the Lakers roster had tested positive for the coronavirus.

Testing for the Lakers was carried out after members of the Brooklyn Nets had tested positive for the illness. The Lakers and Nets played on March 10, just days before the NBA paused the 2019-20 season due to the disease.

Hopefully, the spread of the virus is controlled in the coming months and life is able to return to normal. That would of course include a return of NBA basketball.

Until then, Davis is clearly focused on staying healthy.