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Anthony Davis Hilariously Declares He’ll Never Cut His Fro

Anthony Davis Lakers Derick E. Hingle / USA TODAY Sports

If a recent response on social media is any indication, Los Angeles Lakers forward Anthony Davis isn’t planning on getting rid of his current hairstyle.

LeBron James and Anthony Davi

Davis’ response to teammate Kyle Kuzma posting an altered depiction of the superstar with fellow teammate LeBron James is a brief but effective rejection of the idea of any pending hairstyle change.

The doctored photo shows just how drastically the appearances of both Davis and James would change if any such decisions were made. There’s been no apparent response from James, but it’s likely he also has no plans to let his hair grow to such lengths.

Davis’ unique appearance has long been the subject of comments, with the 27-year-old veteran actually trademarking phrases that note his connected eyebrows back in 2012. That effort came shortly after he was the top overall pick in that year’s NBA draft.

At the time, Davis rejected the idea of getting paid to shave off the unibrow look. However, he did post a video where he pretended to do so as a way of celebrating April Fools’ Day back in 2018.

The more recent post surely offers a respite from the current frustration of not being able to play basketball.

While all NBA teams are hoping to resume the 2019-20 season, it’s clear from the interplay between Davis and Kuzma that the team chemistry on the Lakers is already at a championship level.