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Anthony Davis Clowns LeBron James, Says His Son Is Better Passer

LeBron James and Bronny

LeBron James is the league’s top assist man this season, but his teammate believes that James’ son is a superior passer.

Anthony Davis was only joking, naturally, but James didn’t understand at first that the six-time All-Star was only making fun of him.

After the Lakers defeated the Minnesota Timberwolves 142-125 last Sunday, Davis decided to poke fun at James’ miscue during the game. The three-time Finals MVP had thrown a half-court alley-oop to Davis that was way off.

When James spoke about his son, LeBron James Jr., after the game, that became Davis’ cue to ridicule his teammate.

“Bronny’s a better passer than you,” Davis said.

The elder James had earlier shared a post on Instagram that showed the younger James’ passing prowess.

“He’s a better passer?” the Lakers point guard asked. “He might be a better shooter.”

Davis proceeded to compare the younger James’ successful lob pass to his teammate to that of the 17-year veteran’s off-the-mark pass in the Timberwolves game.

“That was your fault,” the elder James said. “What’d you tell me at the beginning of the year when you weren’t getting enough lobs? ‘Throw that b—- anywhere.'”

The elder James had declared on social media a few days ago that his sons have better jump shots than he does, but the NBA veteran is not about to give up his status as the best passer in their household just yet.