Alex Caruso Discusses the Countless Celebrities He’s Been Blessed to Meet Due to the ‘LeBron Factor’

Peter Dewey
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Los Angeles Lakers guard Alex Caruso has become a fan favorite in his young career, and for good reason.

The Texas A&M University product is known to make highlight-reel plays when nobody expects it.

Caruso’s rise to fame has been fun to watch, and he explained how being teammates with LeBron James influences that.

“Anytime you’re with LeBron in a public place, like…I’ve dapped up 2 Chainz on the side,” Caruso said on the most recent episode of “The LiucciCast.” “I was doing stretches and I went up and dapped up 2 Chainz because I’ve seen him three or four times now because he loves LeBron and he loves the team. He’s like, ‘Hey man, you’ve got some game’ and I’m like, ‘Preciate it, bro!’

“The L.A. factor mixed with the LeBron factor, like everywhere we’ve gone this year, it’s the biggest game of that person’s (season). … Like when we went to Atlanta, you could name like 10 different Atlanta rappers who were there that ranged from like current day people, to like Ludacris and people like that. … Everywhere we go it’s celebrities left and right that want to see us play. I step onto the court and I’ve got certain people watching me and I’m like, ‘Oh, this is pretty cool.’”

Now, the third-year guard is promising to “dap up” famous singer/songwriter Rihanna next time she is attending a Lakers game.

Caruso acknowledged that she may not reciprocate his “dap,” but he’s going to try.

“If it happens again, I’ll try to make something happen,” he said. “I’ll go over and try and dap her up. For the culture.”

Hopefully when fans are allowed back into NBA arenas Caruso can make good on that promise.

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