Alex Caruso stars in hilarious and innuendo-laced advertisement for Manscaped

Ryan Ward
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Los Angeles Lakers guard Alex Caruso has quickly gone from a standout in the G League to a household name with an NBA championship ring in his trophy case.

Along with becoming a favorite among Lakers fans, Caruso is starting to get the off-the-court endorsements that come with being a well-known athlete in the city of Los Angeles.

Caruso’s latest endorsement is with Manscaped, and his commercial is about as hilarious as it gets.

Caruso isn’t the only player that has played for the Purple and Gold to endorse Manscaped recently, as former Laker Danny Green had a hilarious promotional post of his own last year.

Green took to Instagram to promote the product, and hilarity ensued as he went with a bold approach that hit the mark.

As for his play on the court, Caruso is having a solid season for the Lakers, as the storied franchise tries to defend its title. The 26-year-old has been making an impact with his effort and energy on the court while shooting an impressive 40.4 percent from beyond the arc.

Unfortunately for Los Angeles, the Lakers have struggled as of late, losing four of their last five games heading into a heavyweight bout with the Utah Jazz on Wednesday night on the road.

LeBron James and company have only five games left before heading into a much-needed All-Star break, where James and Anthony Davis will be representing the team.

Davis almost certainly won’t play as he continues to recover from injury.

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