Al Horford’s sister shares several disgusting threats she has received from fans since Lakers-Celtics game

Jason Simpson
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The Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics produced an overtime thriller in the NBA on Saturday night, but the result didn’t go the way the Lakers hoped it would.

A missed call in the final seconds of regulation prevented Lakers superstar LeBron James from potentially winning the game for Los Angeles, and he was visibly upset over the situation.

Al Horford’s brother and sister felt like James went overboard with his reaction to the officiating mistake. Unfortunately, it appears as though a handful of fans have decided to direct their anger at Horford’s siblings, with a few folks absolutely crossing the line in the process.

Anna Horford revealed some of the threats that she has received from fans, which some people may find triggering or hard to read.

Evidently, a handful of people expressed their frustration in some of the worst ways possible. Families of NBA players (or players themselves) should never have to deal with the type of behavior that has been directed at Anna Horford.

Al Horford is in his fifth season with the Celtics, though the seasons haven’t been consecutive. His first stint with the team lasted three seasons and ended in 2019.

This is his second stint with the team, which began last season. The veteran is beloved by Celtics fans, and it seems like there’s a pretty good chance that he’ll retire with the organization.

The hope is that Al Horford and his family won’t have to deal with any other gruesome messages going forward. The Celtics and Lakers won’t play again this season (unless they meet in the NBA Finals), so that may reduce the likelihood that any similar exchanges occur between Anna Horford and the people that have been attacking her lately.

Anna Horford is often active on Twitter during Celtics games in support of her brother, and that surely won’t change anytime soon.

Al Horford, a five-time All-Star who’s in his 16th NBA season, has helped the Celtics establish themselves as one of the best teams in the league so far this season.

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Jason is excited about the LeBron James era of Lakers basketball and hopes that the end result will be multiple championships.