Adam Morrison Recounts How Single Gesture From Kobe Bryant Proved His Incredible Kindness

Jonathan Sherman
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Adam Morrison had a forgettable NBA career, but he recently offered a story about former teammate and Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant that he won’t soon forget.

Following Bryant’s death, many current and former NBA players have come forward with countless stories of his passion, humility and more.

Morrison’s story shows just how far Bryant was willing to go to try to make others feel special. He told his story when speaking with the “Rejecting the Screen” podcast.

“I wasn’t playing obviously, career was in the s—, my personal life wasn’t great, I was really depressed,” Morrison said. “I was basically a hermit in my own house. I didn’t go out in the community at all, and if you did it was people asking you, ‘Why aren’t you playing?’ I was 26 at the time or whatever I was, No. 3 pick, just a really low point in my life, and I got a text from Robert Lara, the Lakers security and one of Kobe’s best friends. He said ‘Hey, what’s your address, I’ve got something in the mail for you.’

“I get the package, and it’s an autographed jersey from Didier Drogba, who is my favorite player, I’m a Chelsea fan. It was from Kobe. A game-worn jersey, signed, ‘Didier Drogba, To Adam, Best Wishes.’ I always thought Kobe made a phone call, which would be fine, still cool as s—, unbelievable.

“The night he passed, I’m scrolling through, reading everything, and I’m emotional, and on Chelsea’s Instagram page, it’s him with Didier Drogba holding up a jersey and it says ‘To Adam, Best Wishes.’ So he went up to my favorite player, got it signed for me without me even asking and sent it to me when he knew I was low. It’s unbelievable. I still have the jersey. That’s what Kobe Bryant was. He’s just one of those dudes who understood his own aura and could sense when people were down.”

It’s truly a fascinating story and is sure to make some Lakers fans out there quite emotional.

Perhaps the only silver lining of Bryant’s tragic death is that now the whole world knows how truly special of a person he was both on and off the basketball court.

If only Bryant were still alive to hear about all of the lives he managed to change during his own.

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