What Kobe Bryant Hated Most, According to Ex-Lakers Coach

Jonathan Sherman
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In a recent interview with ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, former Los Angeles Lakers assistant coach Tom Bialaszewski revealed what the late great Kobe Bryant hated most of all.

“The biggest thing he didn’t want, he didn’t want yes men around him,” Bialaszewski said. “He wanted people who had a conviction about their thoughts and who had an opinion, and didn’t kiss his ass and tell him what he wanted to hear. I think he really respected that.”

Throughout his career, Bryant became known for his determination to win and succeed above all else.

He pushed himself as hard as possible to be as great as he could be, and he expected others around him to do the same. Several times in his career, that mentality led many to believe that Bryant was a difficult teammate.

His passing helped crystallize just how beloved Bryant was. It also clarified how massive his impact had been on the generation of ballers that grew up watching him play.

While Bryant is gone, his success, determination and overall outlook on life will never be forgotten.

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