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Video: LeBron James Tries to Block Rajon Rondo’s Layup

LeBron James Blocks Rajon Rondo

LeBron James has been known to be a bit of a goofball at times, but he took it to new heights on Sunday.

During the Los Angeles Lakers’ contest against the Atlanta Hawks, he tried to block a shot – from his own teammate.

It happened in the second quarter, as Trae Young missed a deep 3-pointer with 9:09 remaining. Rajon Rondo took the defensive rebound and started the fast break, then gave De’Andre Hunter what appeared to be a nice ball fake before waltzing in for the layup.

In reality, Rondo faked an alley-oop pass to James to freeze Hunter. Then as Rondo went in for the field goal, James tried to block it as if Rondo were playing for the Hawks.

Keep in mind that several years ago, Rondo was a member of the Boston Celtics when they beat James’ Cleveland Cavaliers in the playoffs a couple of times.

One may wonder if that had something to do with what James did on this play.