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Ray Allen reveals why he and Kobe Bryant ‘never’ trash-talked each other

Over the course of two decades in the NBA, Los Angeles Lakers

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LeBron James’ ecstatic reaction to Stephen Curry passing Reggie Miller on all-time 3-pointers list

On Saturday, Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry surpassed Indiana Pacers icon

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Report: Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo Hated Each Other So Much They Boxed During Practice

Kendrick Perkins has finally revealed why his former teammates with the Boston

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Troy Daniels Reveals Rajon Rondo Butts Heads With Multiple Lakers

Everyone knows Los Angeles Lakers veteran Rajon Rondo is a feisty competitor.

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Why Game 7 of 2010 NBA Finals Should Be Ranked as Best NBA Game of Decade

Recently, ESPN.com published an article ranking the eight best NBA games of

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