Skip Bayless says LeBron James has 'no shame' amidst report linking Lakers and Chris Paul - Lakers Daily

Skip Bayless says LeBron James has ‘no shame’ amidst report linking Lakers and Chris Paul

LeBron James and Skip Bayless

Earlier this week, a report indicated that LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers could be interested in acquiring star point guard Chris Paul.

Like clockwork, sports media pundit Skip Bayless has come out swinging against James, claiming that he has disqualified himself from the greatest-of-all-time debate due to his well-known strategy of teaming up with one or more star players.

“When I saw this today, I just sat back and shook my head again because I said, ‘Once and for all, this disqualifies LeBron James from the G.O.A.T. debate,'” he said. “Because G.O.A.T.s don’t chase superstar teammates.”

It’s another absurd statement from Bayless who has practically made a career off of criticizing James at every turn.

When it comes to the Lakers’ ability to add Paul, the finances would likely play a major role. Paul is still signed to a massive contract and is owed over $85 million over the next two seasons.

With that in mind, Paul proved this season that he is still worth the money by leading an unproven Oklahoma City Thunder team to the postseason.

If the Lakers managed to add the veteran guard, chances are good he’d play a major role in helping lead the Lakers to another title next season.