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Lakers star believes Warriors acquiring Chris Paul was ‘random’ and ‘strange’

Austin Reaves not only was part of a key transaction during this

Mike Battaglino Mike Battaglino

Report: Lakers only want to sign Chris Paul to veteran’s minimum contract

The Los Angeles Lakers only want to sign guard Chris Paul for

Peter Dewey Peter Dewey

Report: Clippers have the ‘edge’ over the Lakers when it comes to possibly signing Chris Paul

Despite speculation that Chris Paul would love to play with LeBron James

Brad Sullivan Brad Sullivan

Report: Signing Chris Paul is part of Lakers’ Plan A this offseason

In their efforts to upgrade their backcourt, the Los Angeles Lakers are

Brad Sullivan Brad Sullivan

Report: Lakers would have ‘strong interest’ in Chris Paul if he is waived or stretched by Suns

It seems like the Los Angeles Lakers continue to have their eyes

David Akerman David Akerman

Eastern Conference GM says it’s Chris Paul’s dream to play with Lakers and LeBron James

One NBA general manager said that it has been Chris Paul’s dream

Peter Dewey Peter Dewey

Report: Chris Paul would be ‘very coveted’ by Lakers and Clippers

On Wednesday, a report surfaced that the Phoenix Suns may end up

Zach Stevens Zach Stevens

Dwight Howard hilariously recruits Chris Paul to Taiwan after Phoenix Suns get eliminated by Denver Nuggets

Former Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard posted a hilarious video on

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Report: Suns release loaded injury report for Friday’s marquee matchup vs. Lakers

Fans hoping to see LeBron James and Kevin Durant go head to

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