Shaquille O'Neal Absolutely Destroys 'Thot Bot' on Instagram in Hilarious Fashion - Lakers Daily

Shaquille O’Neal Absolutely Destroys ‘Thot Bot’ on Instagram in Hilarious Fashion

Shaquille O'Neal

After Shaquille O’Neal recognized that a bot made a comment on his Instagram post on Thursday, he quickly destroyed the spammer the same way he used to dominate opponents on the court.

The former Los Angeles Lakers center replied to the comment within minutes after it was posted. Perhaps he wanted to make sure not to let his followers be led astray by these fake accounts that show sexually explicit images.

These specific accounts are also known as “thot bots,” and they have invaded the Instagram comments of accounts with a huge number of followers such as O’Neal’s.

Many have already discovered that these are spam profiles and have proceeded to make fun of them, just like O’Neal did.

The comment was made on one of the Laker legend’s posts that show him and former teammate Kobe Bryant smoking cigars.

The image is a still photo of the two ex-Lakers edited creatively to make the smoke from their cigars come alive, a representation of how they “smoked” their opponents during their heyday.

O’Neal and the recently departed Bryant were arguably the league’s top one-two punch during their championship years in Los Angeles. They made four appearances in the Finals together, winning three straight from 2000 to 2002.