Report: LeBron James considering playing out his contract rather than signing extension

Jonathan Sherman
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The Los Angeles Lakers are entering a pivotal offseason. After an incredibly disappointing 2021-22 regular season, the team will have to lick its wounds and watch the playoffs from home.

To make matters more difficult, a recent report indicates that superstar LeBron James may be inclined to play out his current contract as opposed to signing an extension this offseason.

While the report does not necessarily indicate that James has interest in leaving the Lakers, it certainly could make planning for the future harder for the franchise.

“Based on my conversations with people who have a strong sense of such things, it’s clear James is considering playing out this contract rather than signing a two-year extension this summer,” Sam Amick of The Athletic wrote. “If flexibility and freedom are the goals here, James (who is owed $44.4 million next season) could go back to the year-by-year approach he perfected in his second Cleveland stop.”

On one hand, this may not really indicate that James is getting tired of being a part of the Lakers franchise. Instead, it could simply indicate that his claim about wanting to play with his son Bronny before retiring from the NBA is starting to become a top priority.

After all, the younger James is currently 17 years old. In the coming years, he might end up trying to make his way to the pros. If the elder James were to play his cards right, he’d essentially be able to sign with any team that potentially acquires his son when the time comes.

Alternatively, the elder James could also be trying to hold the Lakers’ feet to the fire a bit. Not signing an extension would certainly increase the sense of urgency within the franchise to win another title while the superstar is still on the roster.

What the Lakers would do with a newfound sense of urgency remains to be seen.

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