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Magic Johnson Reveals That He’s Coming Out With His Own Documentary Series

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Over the last couple of weeks, NBA fans starving for content have been devouring ESPN’s 10-part series “The Last Dance,” which chronicles the Michael Jordan-era Chicago Bulls.

Coming off the heels of “The Last Dance,” Los Angeles Lakers legend Magic Johnson told “Entertainment Tonight” that he’ll soon be coming out with a documentary series of his own.

Johnson also said that before that, there will be yet another series that documents Kobe Bryant’s final season with the Purple and Gold.

“I’m coming after Kobe!” Johnson told Kevin Frazier of “Entertainment Tonight.” “You get the basketball part of it, but then also how I reinvented myself and how I went into business and what I’m doing today, so it will all come into this documentary. I’m looking forward to it.”

One aspect of “The Last Dance” that many have enjoyed is the behind-the-scenes content about not just the Bulls’ journey on the court, but also the drama that took place away from the hardwood.

Johnson may not have ever had a full-on public feud with Lakers management, a la the one Jordan and Scottie Pippen had with then-Bulls general manager Jerry Krause.

But the team’s “Showtime” era of the 1980s had many twists and turns, both on and off the court, that fans of the Purple and Gold will be sure to feast on when Johnson’s documentary airs.