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Lakers Players Offer Incredible Praise for Frank Vogel

Frank Vogel and LeBron James Mark J. Rebilas / USA TODAY Sports

Frank Vogel’s first season as head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers has thus far been a rousing success, with many of his players enthusiastically endorsing his approach to the game.

ESPN’s Kevin Amovitz explored how Vogel has helped to morph the Lakers into a potential championship team this season.

It’s clear that the Lakers’ current success is a direct result of Vogel’s ability to connect with his players.

“Frank is a motivator and true leader, and he’s consistent — emotionally and with his message,” said guard Avery Bradley. “That’s important because when you’re around a lot of alpha males every single day, you need a lot of consistency. It builds respect.”

Vogel’s ability to blend the immense talents of LeBron James and Anthony Davis with the rest of the team’s roster has also gotten notice.

“His communication skills have been on point when it comes to the top two players,” said Jared Dudley. “He knows the temperature of the team, knows when [James and Davis] need time off, when to rely on them, when to get on them in a film session. Everything he’s doing says ‘veteran coach.'”

One player who’s especially appreciative of Vogel’s efforts is Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. He mentioned Vogel’s willingness to keep playing the shooting guard despite shooting trouble early in the 2019-20 season.

“To know through my struggles ‘My coach still believes in me’ does a lot for your mindset,” Caldwell-Pope said. “Now I’m not thinking about that. I can go get my work in and start producing.”

Davis, who was acquired back in June, is most impressed with Vogel’s even-keel approach. It’s one that hasn’t allowed the team to bask in their success or dwell on their intermittent struggles.

“Frank comes in every day, win or lose, with the same attitude. Never too high and never too low,” Davis said. “I love his coaching, I love his coaching style — and I love him as a coach.”

Vogel was not the only coach the Lakers considered this offseason.

After having gone through two disastrous years with the Orlando Magic, which resulted in him getting fired at the end of the 2017-18 season, the Lakers’ decision to hire Vogel made them vulnerable to ample criticism.

However, his previous success as the head coach of the Indiana Pacers did point to his ability to have success in the NBA.

At the midway point of the 2019-20 season, the Lakers have the best record in Western Conference at 33-8. That’s far better than the previous six seasons, in which the Lakers failed to make the postseason each year.

Vogel is no doubt appreciative of his players’ comments, but he remains focused on the present.

That means gearing up for Saturday night’s matchup against the Houston Rockets.