Report: Lakers Have Been Holding Secret Practices at ‘Staples Center Replica’ in Los Angeles

Jonathan Sherman
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The 2019-20 NBA season is just over a month away from starting back up, and the Los Angeles Lakers are reportedly already getting back into game shape.

According to Bill Simmons and NBA veteran J.J. Redick, the Lakers have been holding secret workouts at a Bel-Air, Calif. man’s home.

“Have you heard, there’s this L.A. rumor right now and I haven’t been able to crack it, of all the Lakers are playing at some rich guy’s house,” Simmons said on the most recent episode of his podcast. “And it’s all like, ‘Nobody talk about this,’ but have you heard about different rumors, and what teams are doing, and all that? Are you expecting people to show up out of shape? What do you think?”

Redick offered major insight when it comes to narrowing down who this “rich guy” could be.

“Alright, so in regards to the Lakers, I’ve heard similar things,” he said. “Obviously nothing has been posted on social media supplying us with the evidence that we need, but there is a gentleman, I think his house is in Bel-Air, who has a Staples Center replica in his backyard. It’s a full court, locker rooms, weight rooms, steam shower, whatever you want. I’ve worked out there before. My assumption is those guys are working out there, that would make a lot of sense.”

This rumor should come as incredible news to Lakers fans.

If Lakers players like LeBron James, Anthony Davis and more have been able to get consistent practices in, they will surely show up to the NBA’s bubble in Orlando, Fla. in great shape and ready to go.

Likely, this rumor will remain mere conjecture.

However, if the Lakers arrive to the NBA’s bubble and look like they haven’t taken a break from the game despite the multi-month pause in action, it would be fair to assume that this mystery benefactor absolutely exists.

The only question is: If the Lakers end up winning the 2020 NBA title, will this wealthy fan get a ring of his own?

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