Kendrick Perkins: ‘LeBron James is thinking about championships, Rob Pelinka is thinking about the future’

Jason Simpson
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According to reports on Wednesday, Rob Pelinka and the Los Angeles Lakers were able to reach an agreement on a new deal with franchise superstar LeBron James, but ESPN’s Kendrick Perkins doesn’t necessarily think that means Pelinka and James are on the same page about everything.

The way Perkins sees it, James is thinking about winning championships while Pelinka is thinking about the future.


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Pelinka has received plenty of flak in recent years from folks who feel like he hasn’t done a good job of maximizing James’ window.

The Lakers did just buy themselves at least one more season of James’ services by getting him to agree to a new deal, but after a frustrating start to their offseason, they don’t currently appear to be in position to take advantage of what will be James’ 22nd NBA season, either.

Striking out on legendary sharpshooter Klay Thompson was a punch to the gut, and seemingly due in part to that, the Lakers missed their chance to have James take a pay cut as a team-first move. The former Golden State Warriors star chose to join the Dallas Mavericks over the Lakers.

However, L.A. is reportedly still active in trade talks, with players like Kyle Kuzma and Jerami Grant among those being linked to the Lakers. It isn’t too late for the Purple and Gold to pump some life into their squad before the 2024-25 season arrives.

New head coach J.J. Redick will certainly do everything in his power to maximize the roster he’s given, but it’s possible that the Lakers, as currently constructed, don’t have the help they need to keep up in a competitive Western Conference.

That’s why it’s important for Pelinka and company to take advantage of their remaining options this offseason.

It’s anyone’s guess how much longer James will stick around in the NBA — and with the Lakers — but it’s a safe bet that one more championship during his L.A. stint would ease the feelings of fans who aren’t happy with the way things have gone lately.

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Jason is excited about the LeBron James era of Lakers basketball and hopes that the end result will be multiple championships.