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Famed Jeweler Ben Baller Says Kobe Bryant’s Death Has Mitigated Hate for LeBron James

LeBron James and Kobe Bryant

Many of the biggest Kobe Bryant supporters have also been some of the biggest LeBron James haters.

Even amongst Los Angeles Lakers fans, some Bryant fans simply haven’t been able to fully embrace James.

One such basketball fan who always had a problem with James had been famed jeweler Ben Baller.

However, in a fascinating change of heart, Baller took to Twitter shortly after the death of Bryant to state that his hatred of James has come to an end.

There’s no doubt that seeing Bryant’s life end so abruptly had an impact on Baller’s sentiment towards James.

Perhaps Baller decided that life is simply too short to spend time hating on others. It is also possible that seeing the entire basketball world come together to grieve inspired Baller to put his past opinions behind him.

Whatever the reason, the positivity is certainly most welcome during this trying time.

Hopefully, this tragedy encourages more fans to let go of their past biases against certain players. After all, the game of basketball is at its best when it is being celebrated with love and happiness.

Baller seems to understand that. If more fans come to share that sentiment as a result of Bryant’s passing, there’s no doubt that his legacy will have an incredibly positive impact on the sport going forward.