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Anthony Davis Indicates He Could Leave Lakers to Join Bulls Next Season

Anthony Davis Lakers Kevin Jairaj / USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Lakers traded away much of their future in order to acquire superstar big man Anthony Davis this past summer.

That fact doesn’t mean Davis is necessarily going to stay in the Purple and Gold, however.

In a recent interview, Davis seemed to indicate that he could join his hometown Chicago Bulls this summer as a free agent.

This brief video should send a cold shiver down the spine of every Lakers fan. Davis is not only seen as a centerpiece of the 2019-20 squad, but also as a player who could hopefully bring about a new golden age for Lakers basketball for years to come.

With fellow star LeBron James not getting any younger, the future of the Lakers hinge on the 26-year-old Davis remaining in L.A.

Still, this is not the first time that Davis has mentioned ending up in Chicago.

While most signs are pointing to Davis staying with the Lakers long-term, it seems the possibility that he leaves is something to keep an eye on.

If Davis were to leave this summer, it would not only set the Lakers franchise back years, it would also immediately make him one of the most hated players in team history.

Hopefully, none of that comes to pass, and this video is just an example of a star player getting a kick out of creating some headlines.