Adam Silver Defends LeBron James’ Comments on Daryl Morey and China

Omar Guerrero
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LeBron James’ controversial comments last week about Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey were defended recently by NBA commissioner Adam Silver.

On Monday morning, the commissioner appeared as a guest on ESPN’s “Get Up!” where he spoke on various topics including James and his thoughts on the source of the NBA-China public relations disaster.

Silver believes the Los Angeles Lakers star simply exercised his right to freedom of speech when he spoke up against Morey.

“Take LeBron, who has an incredible track record of doing things that change people’s lives in the United States to be asked to comment on a difficult foreign issue is. I think, again there’s free expression and he should say how he feels,” Silver said. “Freedom of speech also means the freedom not to speak,”

The feeling of dissatisfaction that James had over Morey’s contentious comments could not be hidden when the four-time MVP addressed reporters shortly after returning from a couple of preseason games in China.

James received backlash from fans and the media alike for calling Morey “misinformed” during his infamous public comments a week ago.

With Silver defending James, the 15-time All-Star should be relieved that the commissioner has stood by his side during this volatile situation.

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