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Western Conference Coach on LeBron James: ‘He’s Pippen on Steroids’

Scottie Pippen and LeBron James

The idea of Michael Jordan playing with any of the NBA’s current stars is intriguing, with LeBron James being mentioned in an anonymous survey as an even better version of Jordan’s longtime Chicago Bulls teammate, Scottie Pippen.

Ric Bucher of Bleacher Report asked a number of current general managers and coaches for their opinions about how well today’s NBA superstars would have fared as Jordan’s wingman.

In the case of James, those who took the survey clearly believe that his skill level would have made him an enhanced version of Pippen.

“Getting along with the NBA’s current top dog, LeBron James, would’ve depended on when they joined forces,” Bucher wrote before recounting what some involved with the survey said.

“‘If he had got LeBron early, [James] would’ve deferred right away,’ the first Eastern Conference GM says. ‘He would’ve been a bigger, badder version of Scottie.’

“A former head coach and now Western Conference assistant agrees. ‘LeBron loves to facilitate,’ he says. ‘He’s Pippen on steroids.'”

Jordan and James narrowly missed facing each other on the court, with Jordan retiring the season before James played his first NBA game.

In the 17 seasons that have followed, James has offered strong evidence that he belongs in the conversation when discussing the greatest basketball players ever.

Jordan is considered by many to be at the top of that select list, which makes any basketball fan wonder just how devastating the tandem of Jordan and James might have been.

During James’ NBA career, he’s been an all-around force who can play virtually any position. His career numbers of 27.1 points, 7.4 rebounds, 7.4 assists and 1.6 steals per game offer clear evidence of just how productive he’s been.

The reference to when James would have joined Jordan relates to the fact that James has long established himself as the leader of every team he’s played on. That fact could have conceivably caused friction with Jordan in this hypothetical scenario.

However, a younger version of James, who grew up idolizing Jordan, would likely have served as the veteran’s sidekick and absorbed the knowledge dispensed by him.

Of course, any such opinions on this matter are simply conjecture. Still, it’s clear that both James and Jordan would have thrived in any era in which they played.