Video: Phil Handy drops a major hint about his future with the Lakers - Lakers Daily Video: Phil Handy drops a major hint about his future with the Lakers - Lakers Daily

Video: Phil Handy drops a major hint about his future with the Lakers

Phil Handy and Dwight Howard Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Lakers assistant coach Phil Handy has seemingly put to rest any rumors that he will be leaving his position to join another team.

Handy, a native of Oakland, spoke with San Francisco sportscaster Jason Dumas about speculation that Handy might be leaving to join another team, with the Brooklyn Nets being the club he’s been linked to in recent rumors.

“Hey man, I am a Los Angeles Laker,” Handy said. “What’s next for me is to wait for Frank Vogel to pick up the phone and text me and call me and give me what my next directives are. I’m just gonna sit back and try to enjoy this championship that we earned and decompress a little bit.

“I think we worked so hard that people think that we never take time off and I myself have had to learn how to decompress and step away from the game to where I can stay mentally and physically sharp. So I’m gonna enjoy this time with my friends and my family and I’ll be ready for whatever direction Coach Vogel has for me next as we prepare for this next upcoming season.”

The 49-year-old Handy is in demand because of his track record over the past five seasons, a stretch that’s included being part of three NBA championship squads.

During the 2015-16 season, Handy was an assistant with the Cleveland Cavaliers and was part of the team’s record-setting comeback in the NBA Finals to defeat the Golden State Warriors.

After leaving the Cavaliers in 2018, Handy joined the Toronto Raptors and was again rewarded for his efforts when the Raptors defeated the Warriors in six games.

Handy then joined the Lakers, his second stint with the team after first having served as a player development coach for the Lakers from 2011 to 2013.

The need for Handy and other members of the Lakers to take some time and relax largely stems from the unprecedented circumstances that took place during the past season.

The 2019-20 season spanned an entire year for the Lakers, with a four-month gap beginning in March due to the coronavirus pandemic. Then what followed was three months of living within the NBA’s bubble concept, which kept players, coaches and team staff away from family and friends for most of their time in Orlando, Fla.

As of right now, no official starting date for next season has been announced, but once it does get underway, Handy’s enthusiasm and focus will zero in on trying to help the Lakers win a second consecutive title.