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Richard Jefferson Calls LeBron’s Dunk From Last Night ‘Weak’

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LeBron James dazzled NBA fans last night in the Los Angeles Lakers’ win over the Dallas Mavericks. However, James’ former teammate Richard Jefferson was a little underwhelmed by one of James’ dunks.

On Saturday morning, James took to Instagram to post a video of himself driving the full length of the court on his way to a dunk.

Jefferson quickly took to the post’s comments section to offer his take on the slam.

LeBron James and Richard Jefferson

Knowing Jefferson’s personality, there is a strong likelihood that he is just messing with his friend and former teammate. Still, considering the fact that the two spent two seasons together on the Cleveland Cavaliers, Jefferson likely does expect a bit more ferocity when it comes to James attacking the rim.

Since James has come to the Lakers, he has clearly made a point to conserve his energy and protect his body. At 34 years of age, the four-time MVP is masterfully finding ways to stay healthy and lengthen the prime of his career.