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Magic Johnson shuts down rumors of him donating blood

Magic Johnson Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Lakers legend Magic Johnson, a man who has long been at the forefront when it comes to battling and surviving HIV, was recently brought into a social media controversy in which it looked like he was donating blood.

Of course, the Red Cross has long held the posture that those that have tested positive for HIV should not donate blood, as a donation would risk the potential of transmitting the virus to others.

As a result of the social media post, Johnson responded with a fiery denial.

The entire story is a sad reminder of just how serious fabricated reports and “fake news” can be when false information starts to spread like wildfire on the internet. As it turns out, the Associated Press was able to uncover that the photograph of Johnson actually depicted him getting blood drawn rather than him donating blood.

AP’S ASSESSMENT: False,” Sophia Tulp wrote. “The image is miscaptioned. It comes from a 2012 documentary and shows Johnson getting his blood routinely drawn at a doctor’s appointment, not donating blood to the Red Cross recently. HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, can be transmitted through contact with the blood of a person who has a detectable viral load. The Red Cross does not accept blood donations from people who have ever had a positive HIV test and it screens all donations for the virus.”

As for Johnson, longtime Lakers fans will remember when his 1991 announcement revealed that he had contracted HIV and would have to retire from the NBA, thus ending one of the most impressive careers that any player has ever enjoyed on the basketball court.

In 13 seasons, Johnson averaged 19.5 points, 11.2 assists and 7.2 rebounds per game. He is likely one of the most impactful players in the history of the game, as his flair and playmaking ability brought something to the game that few had seen before.

The 63-year-old is a 12-time All-Star, five-time NBA champion, three-time Finals MVP and three-time league MVP.

Johnson didn’t play in the NBA from 1991 to 1995. He did return for a brief stint during the 1995-96 season before calling it a career as a player.

Of course, he’s gone on to accomplish an incredible amount in his life. He’s an incredibly accomplished businessman and certainly one of the most powerful people in the city of Los Angeles.

Given all that he has overcome and accomplished, it is quite stunning to see that he had to deal with the damaging rumors about him lately.

Unsurprisingly, Johnson handled the ugly rumor with the kind of grace and clarity that he is well known for. Hopefully, he will not have to deal with any similar issues in the future.