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LeBron James Offers Hilarious Reason Why He Doesn’t Want 35th Birthday Party

LeBron James and Dorian Finney-Smith Gary A. Vasquez / USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James turns 35 on Monday, but he’s not eager to have a party to celebrate it.

The reason why is because he’d be the one paying for the festivities.

James joked about the milestone that comes in the middle of his 17th NBA season. Despite the fact that he’s making $37.4 million for his on-court play and tens of millions more in endorsements this season, the veteran has no desire to spend any money of his own to celebrate another birthday.

“I don’t wish to have a party because I got to pay for it,” he said while smiling. “S—, I got to pay for my own damn birthday party.”

During James’ lengthy NBA career, he’s played 1,230 regular season games as well as 239 postseason contests. Despite the amount of wear and tear on his body over the years, James is still playing at an All-Star level.

He is currently averaging 25.1 points, 10.8 assists and 7.5 rebounds per game this season.

James has recently been dealing with a groin injury, which forced him to miss the Dec. 22 home game against Denver. A similar issue plagued him last season and forced him to miss quite a few contests.

Luckily, the issue this season seems to be less severe, as he was back for the Christmas contest against the Los Angeles Clippers and has also played in the Lakers’ two games since.

James will have time to celebrate his birthday and also ring in 2020 on Tuesday night, since the Lakers’ next game isn’t until Wednesday night when they host the Phoenix Suns.