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Jared Dudley Breaks Down Exactly How Los Angeles Lakers Plan to Defeat Houston Rockets

LeBron James and James Harden Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Lakers faced off against two premier guards in their first-round playoff series against the Portland Trail Blazers.

Up next, they’ll take on arguably the most dangerous guard duo in the NBA in James Harden and Russell Westbrook of the Houston Rockets.

Lakers veteran Jared Dudley recently spoke with Sam Amick of The Athletic to talk about what has happened and what’s to come in the NBA’s bubble in Orlando, Fla.

Unsurprisingly, the two discussed how the Lakers plan to defeat their upcoming foe.

“Who’s going to enforce their style more? They want that (small-ball/historically three-point heavy) style to go against us and our size is our advantage,” Dudley said in regards to what will decide the outcome of the upcoming series. “So it’s literally, ‘Who can enforce their will?’ And so for us, it first starts with (Rockets star James) Harden. Keep him off the free throw line. We know he’s gonna get 25, 30 points per game, but what’s the percentages going to be? And what’s the free throw attempts? That’s so crucial for him. (Rockets co-star) Russ (Westbrook) hasn’t found his stride, and we don’t want him to find his stride, so how can we limit his two-point field goals and fastbreaks. But the real key to them, to be honest with you, is their role players: (Robert) Covington, and Eric Gordon. They won ‘em the series. And P.J. Tucker doesn’t get enough credit, with all the little stuff he does as the defensive coordinator to the screening off ball and stuff like that, so we know they’re going to play eight guys. Can we wear them down, and get them in foul trouble.”

As made clear by Dudley’s in-depth breakdown, the Lakers have a solid plan when it comes to overcoming the 3-point barrage that the Rockets love to subject their opponents to.

The Rockets just barely defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder in a seven-game series earlier this week. Given the intensity and physicality of that series, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if the Rockets were to come out somewhat flat and fatigued in Game 1.

As for LeBron James, Anthony Davis and the Lakers, they’ve been resting for days after they easily defeated the Blazers in a five-game series.

They’ll surely look to benefit from that rest and take a one-game advantage over the Rockets on Friday night.