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Dwight Howard: ‘We Should Appreciate People While They’re Alive’

Dwight Howard and LeBron James

The Los Angeles Lakers are still reeling from the tragic loss of team legend Kobe Bryant.

One current Lakers player who once suited up with Bryant is big man Dwight Howard.

For years, the relationship between Bryant and Howard was quite strained. However, recently the two were able to bury the hatchet.

In an eerie stroke of fate, Howard spoke about the fragility of life and appreciating people while they’re alive, just hours before Bryant’s untimely death.

He opened up about that sentiment when LeBron James passed Bryant on the NBA’s all-time scoring leaders list last Saturday.

Little did Howard know that he and his teammates would be mourning Bryant’s death the very next morning.

Players all over the league have expressed their deep sorrow over losing a person who was not only a hero, but also a mentor and friend to so many.

There is something very special about the fact that Howard and Bryant were able to reconcile and forgive one another for all that transpired during their season of playing together.

Until just months ago, it seemed impossible that Bryant would ever speak positively about Howard and vice versa. Luckily, the lasting sentiments each man had about the other were wholly positive.

Hopefully, everyone who was impacted or inspired by Bryant remembers Howard’s sagely advice.

Even those who seem truly invincible can be struck down by fate. What matters most is how people treat one another while they are lucky enough to be alive.