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Troy Daniels Shares Memory of Winking at Rihanna During Lakers Game

Troy Daniels and LeBron James Kelvin Kuo / USA TODAY Sports

Playing for the Los Angeles Lakers has more than its fair share of perks. That’s something that Troy Daniels has discovered this season, his first in the Purple and Gold.

One of the benefits is being able to spot and interact with the many celebrities that sit courtside at games.

During an episode of “Fair Game with Kristine Leahy,” Daniels was asked about the first celebrity sighting that left him starstruck. Without batting an eye, the six-year veteran recalled a game this season when he made a basket and flirted with superstar singer Rihanna.

“I hit a shot and I winked at her,” Daniels told Leahy.

Leahy wondered if Rihanna was checking out his teammate, Alex Caruso.

“That’s what Twitter says because they caught the look, but she was looking at me too,” Daniels replied.

Leahy then asked if Daniels thinks he received a wink in return.

“Yeah, I think she did,” Daniels answered with a smirk.

As Leahy reminded the Lakers guard, Rihanna is not easy to please as she once told Philadelphia 76ers star Joel Embiid to become an All-Star before looking to go on a date with her. Embiid tried in vain to woo her despite making the All-Star team twice already.

“Hey man, closed mouths don’t get fed,” Daniels said.

Rihanna is a known fan of the Lakers and LeBron James and is often seen watching live at Staples Center. These days, it seems like there are even more celebrities than usual in the stands thanks to the Lakers’ success early on this season.

For Daniels, being able to see Rihanna up close was probably a dream come true. Luckily, he was able to take advantage of the opportunity.