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Kobe Bryant Speaks Highly of Dwight Howard, Howard Responds in Positive Manner

Dwight Howard's first stint with the Los Angeles Lakers turned out to

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Dwight Howard Explains How His Hate For Draymond Green Turned Into Love and Respect

One of the most divisive players in the NBA is Golden State

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Video: Gilbert Arenas Says Lakers Are Better Than Clippers ‘by Far’

Most experts seem to agree that the two best teams in the

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Dwight Howard Claims Kobe Bryant Didn’t Protect His Teammates

Dwight Howard is hoping to redeem himself in the eyes of Los

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Dwight Howard Sends Sincere Message to Lakers Fans, Ready for 2nd Chance in L.A.

Dwight Howard is back with the Los Angeles Lakers, and he has

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Shaq Clowns Dwight Howard While Responding to Kobe’s Claim That There Is No New Beef

Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant are good friends now despite the rocky

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Lakers Rumors: Dwight Howard to Compete With JaVale McGee for Starting Spot

Last week, the Los Angeles Lakers made a splash when they signed

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NBA Twitter Absolutely Clowns Dwight Howard as He Returns to L.A.

On the afternoon of Aug. 23, it was reported by The Athletic

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Report: Details Leaked on Dwight Howard’s New Deal With Lakers

On Friday, it was reported that the Los Angeles Lakers were going

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Report: Dwight Howard to Sign With Los Angeles Lakers for 2019-20 Season

Signs have been pointing to it all week long, and according to

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