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Report: Kawhi Leonard Didn’t Want to Join Lakers and Add to LeBron’s Legacy

LeBron James and Kawhi Leonard

The Los Angeles Lakers swung big in free agency and missed when Kawhi Leonard opted to sign with the Los Angeles Clippers this offseason.

According to one NBA general manager, Leonard likely chose to sign with the Clippers because he wanted to avoid adding to Lakers star LeBron James’ storied legacy.

“There probably hasn’t been enough credit given to how Kawhi orchestrated all that,” a GM told Bleacher Report’s Ric Bucher. “Kawhi looked at joining LeBron on the Lakers and said, ‘I’d be helping him with his legacy more than mine. Oh, and by the way, Paul George and I fit the same timeline.’ I think some serious thought went into that.”

Leonard and James are without a doubt two of the most dominant figures in the NBA.

While James has built a reputation of creating superteams to win championships, Leonard has built one of destroying superteams.

Currently, James has three titles on his mantle. Leonard has two.

This season, both players are serious contenders to add another title to their resumes. Despite a current three-game losing streak, the Lakers hold the No. 1 seed in a loaded Western Conference with a record of 24-6.

The Clippers currently sit at the No. 4 seed with a record of 22-10.

The two teams will face one another on Christmas Day in what is sure to be an exciting affair. Unfortunately, James’ status for that game is currently up in the air due to a nagging injury.

Given how competitive he is, there is little doubt that if he is healthy enough to play, he will certainly suit up for that game.